"100 years from now, the idea is still going to be more important than all the technology in the world."
- Bill Bernbach

The magic keeps happening.

Sometimes we stumble upon a stellar idea. But sometimes we fall face-forward thinking way too much and doing nothing.

The Caramel Corp. came into existence when one of us fell and finally realized the potential in the idea of balance in today's cut-throat design market. The yin and the yang of design, if you will, trickled down from legends like Rand, Bernbach, Bass, and many others in the past. A forgotten world where branding was beyond just design and advertising was ethical. So, one person eventually became five. All of them jumped into a tiny vessel in the rough seas filled with Sharks and Krakens of the design guild, only guided by the sparkling northern star of good intent, an ambition to be Bold, Honest and Conscious.

Meet the team


- Future Group


- Piaggio

- Mitsubishi

- Saint Gobain


- Tata Motors

- Dunkin' Donuts

- Bajaj Finserv



Successful design stints in avenues including Retail, FMCG, Energy and Finance, with over a decade of experience, finally settling down to make a change in the field of design strategy.


Co-founder/Art Director

In the Graphic design field for over five years. A multitude of years before that as a 3D artist and animator. Enjoys working in this industry because no two days are the same. Believes in the almighty power of good ideas!



Well-versed with the theory of customer delight as well as management. Possesses a strong knack for social media marketing and has successfully launched several marketing campaigns with solid results.


Studio Head

Expert in all latest tech, a wizard with software and extremely well-acquainted with print media and much more.